Z1012 of Kodak EasyShare Series Under the Spotlight!


Canon, Nikon, Sony – this is the so-called Japanese trinity when it comes digital SLR cameras and point-and-shoot cameras.

The guys behind these names are constantly pumping out digital cameras beefed up with the latest and advanced photography technologies you won’t find anywhere else.

And sadly, many of their high quality cameras are out of your pocket’s reach…OUCH!

The good thing is – if like me, you’re NOT a professional photographer and you just want a camera you can bring to the trip, party, or event you’re going to, there’s always a good alternative. Such is the Z1012 from Kodak’s EasyShare series. A glance at this camera from Kodak will surely get you saying – “It looks a lot like a digital SLR camera, huh!”

Yes, it does look serious and meant for the professional. BUT as someone who owns EasyShare Z1012, I can tell that it’s made for newcomers and intermediate photographers rather than the pro’s who’re well-versed with digital photography mumbo-jumbo. What I love about this point-and-shoot camera is its ease-of-use. Did I mention it’s made for beginners?

Sure it gives you some manual control over the settings like the aperture, brightness, and other features to give you the effect you want. BUT for starters like us, it’s beefed up with auto-focus and self-adjusting features. And that’s a BIG plus in my opinion! It allows me to focus more on my subject and enjoy more while taking pictures.

“That sounds nice. BUT what about the quality?” you might ask.

A good question, and gladly, Z1012 has a good answer.

Z1012 is beefed up with…

– 10 Megapixels of resolution

– 12x Optical zoom

to start with.

That’s quite impressive in my opinion. Z1012’s megapixels and zoom even exceeds digital cameras from the Japanese trinity, and from digital camera series like PowerShot, Lumix, etc.

Z1012 allows you to capture color-rich, crisp, and vibrant photos with its high end specifications. You can crop, edit, magnify, and print your pictures and be confident that the quality is top-notch!

I’ve been using Z1012 for a couple of months now, and it has failed me when it comes to pumping out high quality pictures – something where my previous digital cameras have failed me.


Source by Jason Esguerra

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