Wild Game Camera – The Key to a Successful Hunt


A wild game camera is a must for every serious hunter. These cameras allow you to scout out a hunting area without having to actually be physically present. These trail camera can provide you with vital information about the age, sex, and condition of the animals in a particular area. You can also use these cameras to get information regarding the feeding times and population of game before you go hunting.

One of the most important functions on a game camera is the date and time. A camera which does not record the time that a picture was taken is more or less useless. Without knowing when the animals travel through a particular area, the pictures taken become little more than scenery shots. There are even game cameras available that can record the temperature, barometric pressure, and even the phase of the moon when the picture was taken. The more information that a hunter has the more successful he will be.

When purchasing a game camera it is important to choose one with enough resolution. A camera that takes low resolution photos might not provide a detailed enough image of the animal to provide any clear information. The higher the resolution of a camera, the more expensive it will be so there is a definite trade off between quality and price.

It is also important to consider the sensing mechanism before deciding on a camera. One that has a wider angle will provide you with a higher quality images. The trigger time of a camera is also an important feature to consider. The faster a camera’s trigger time is the more likely it will be to capture images before the animal leaves the frame. It is also worth noting that different cameras require different storage cards. When you choose a digital trail camera do not forget to purchase a high capacity storage card. If a camera runs out of storage space it will no longer be able to take photographs and will be little more than expensive toy sitting alone in the woods.


Source by David B Miller

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