Why Not Get a Nude Glamour Photography Shoot for Yourself?


Survey finds 9 out of 10 Women Take Naked Photos and why you should do a Nude Glamour Photography session.

Cosmopolitan.com conducted a survey of 850 readers, 99 percent female and 98% of women have admitted to taking or having taken naked photographs of themselves and 82% said that they would do it again so why do so many women like to have nude photographs of themselves.

There are many different reasons some girls are in a long distance relationship with their man and they say it helps it also gives them something to do to express their feelings for the other person. Some women have actually expressed that having feminism tendencies makes them feel not a sensuous sexy lady and use nude glamour photography to remind themselves that they are but what many women don’t realise is the empowerment a good nude glamour photography session can do for them personally take Sally, name changed Sally was in deep depression and feeling completely worthless and tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists once her wounds had healed her friends dragged her a long for professional nude glamour photographer having a secret word to the photographer about her mood the session was organised, the shoot took approximately half a day and included some champagne there was a lot of fun, laughing and a good time was had once the nervousness of being naked was gone but what really affected the photographer yes that’s right the photographer was the positive impact it had on Sally she never saw herself in such a way it was as if Sally had never seen her beautiful sexy body before but through the eyes of the photographer she could see she was worth more than life itself Sally left the studio that day a different woman it also left the photographer a completely changed man.

Here are another 6 reasons you should have nude glamour photography session

1. Taking nude photographs is a hell of a lot of fun provided you have chosen the right professional photographer you will know that he cannot do a thing with your images without your written permission there is a little bit of a feeling of naughtiness or taboo when you’re getting a nude photo shoot done and that’s what makes it even more sexy and enjoyable and if your photographer is a straight male think of what you might be doing to him ha ha.

2. A photograph can make you look and feel super sexy it is something you can pull out of the drawer when you feel a little down and say yes baby that’s me

3. It’s empowering why is it society makes us feel naked bodies should be viewed with shame the fact is the female form is not only sexy to men but also women

4. Let’s face it, it’s flattering when somebody wants to see you naked or would you rather than say how disgusting that’s awful.

5. It’s a beautiful form of intimacy. Ninety nine per cent of the naked photographs I’ve taken in my life are for nobody’s eyes but my own.

6. Our fascination with ourselves (selfies), given our sex drives, given everything we know about people and the internet – shouldn’t a nude glamour photography shoot be the most obvious thing in the world? Not necessarily because we want people to see them. Not because we were thinking about the consequences of our actions. But mostly, because it’s fun.


Source by Nick Coulson

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