Wedding Videographer Consideration Factors


A professional wedding videographer costs a lot of money. Before you sign any contracts and commit to paying an individual or company a large portion of your wedding funds, make sure they are the perfect fit for your big day. Do not be afraid to ask the wedding videographer questions as well as scrutinize the contract. Before you grab a pen and sign your name, ask your videographer a few important questions.

Can I See your Work History?

This is a simple question and should be met with a confident “yes.” A good videographer will be happy to share their previous work history. After all, this is a creative profession and there is no better way to showcase a wedding videographer’s abilities than by actually seeing what they have done. The clips should make them proud and, in the wedding videographer’s opinion, be a valuable asset to their ability to sell services. If he or she seems aloof or reluctant to provide samples, walk away!

Do you Offer DVD Wedding Videos?

Times and technology have changed in recent years and when it comes to any kind of video, DVD is the standard now. VHS is available, but is generally regarded as the “old” recording format. This question may seem silly, but your videographer should be able to provide you with a DVD copy. If not, then this could be an indication their equipment is far from up to date. If you want the best quality wedding video, make sure you hire a wedding videographer with the most advanced technological capabilities.

How do you Handle Guests?

This may sound like a very straight forward question, but it is also a very important one. The videographer will be required to work among a crowd of your family and friends. These are people you deemed important enough in your life to receive an invitation to this significant event. The wedding videographer must be capable of doing his or her job without insulting or intruding on the guests.

Although the videographer is capturing the bride, groom and wedding party, the guests are also a huge part of the memories. You will want to keep that surprise moment when your toddler-aged nephew and niece danced, or when grandma was reminiscing over the childhood photographs you chose to display. Make sure your wedding videographer can capture these moments without interrupting them.

Aside from being able to mingle well, you also want a videographer who is courteous and will treat your guests kindly. He or she should fit right into your special day rather than feel like an outsider. Customer service is a huge part of a videographer’s job. It is also enough to earn a bad reference, even if most of the wedding video turned out well.

Never be afraid to ask your wedding videographer these questions. If they seem unwilling to answer, or give answers that draw red flags, scratch their name from your list and move on to the next. Hiring an excellent wedding videographer is important to get the best results on your big day!


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