Using Your Digital Photo Frame As a Motivational Tool


The advances in photography have now reached the stage where its a whole lot easier for many more people to capture, share and store fantastic looking snaps of all their precious moments in life. You can easily manipulate any image you take before printing it off and there is no need to pay for poor quality photographs, which was the case not so long ago.

And now with the advent of the digital photo frame, displaying your digital photos to their best effect has never been easier, nor have the results ever looked better. It’s all very well to take thousands of digital images – some of which may be kept on your camera for an eternity, while the rest languish on your desktop computer’s hard drive, rarely – if ever, to be seen again. And for those that are actually given life and printed – either at home or work with the trusty Canon digi printer or via an online order at Kodak or one of its many competitors – these are looked at when first received but what happens next? Left in a drawer along with all the others?

It’s all changing now though with the digital photo frame. Your photos can now be uploaded directly from your camera, from your computer or from some other form of electronic storage device. And it’s easy too – no time to setup, no fiddling about with lots of settings. It’s all fairly much a plug-and-play setup, so you don’t have to have a university education to figure out what’s to be done just to get your photos from one place to the other.

How can the digital photo frame be used as a motivational tool however?

First, where might you want to use it to inspire? At home of course. Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the need for some inspiration, just to get the creative juices flowing. How about the idea of having a digital photo frame in your bedroom that has a slideshow of some of the most inspirational type photographs that you either took yourself, or you found on the internet and downloaded to your photo frame. You can add in some of your favorite music too – many digital photo frames have this facility.

Or, how about at the office? You need some motivation to get going in the morning so it makes sense to have your own digital frame filled with highly motivational images and captions. You can insert both images and words and make a slideshow of these. A great booster to add to your productive capabilities.

Or, it may simply be that you want to make some new years resolutions or a single resolution and you need a constant reminder about it too. Make up a slide show of images and captions to keep up the motivation to stay on the right track. This will help serve as motivation to push you in the right direction whenever you feel the desire to stray back to the old ways.

There are countless other ways that a digital photo frame can be used as a tool for inspiration, either on the personal or the professional level – it’s really a case of using your imagination – use vivid colored images, and/or words that really sink home to make you think deeply each and every time you read them. This way you’re getting the best use of your digital photo frame as a motivational tool.


Source by Jimmy Brackett

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