Tripods for the Amateur Videographer


Whether you are using a simple Flip pocket-sized camcorder or a large professional video camera, it is very important that you choose the right tripod.

First, think about the weight of your video camera. If you are using a pocket-sized video camera, you likely only need a light weight tripod. There is no need to invest in the most expensive, largest tripod you can find. Rather, consider something light-weight and that you can take with you in the car on a regular basis just in case.

Second, think about where you are going to be using your video camera. Will you be inside or outside, what type of flooring or land you will be setting your tripod upon? Will you be on hard soil, gravel, pavement, rocky land, etc.? Or, will you be setting up for a concert in a large venue outside with potential rain and the crowd moving all around you?

Let’s also think about how long you will be recording. Will this be a short video, one with multiple angles and more lengthy? If you are planning to move the tripod around throughout the shoot, you may want to consider a tripod that is sturdy yet lightweight. Also, consider if you will be moving the camera slightly throughout the shot or will you be able to sit back and enjoy the event?

Often times the amateur photographer or videographer buys a tripod that is large and cumbersome for a small video camera to use for family outings. So, when you are browsing through tripods to purchase, you may even want to consider purchasing more than one tripod. This is suggested if you are planning to shoot something where you need to incorporate multiple angles. This way you can set the tripods up and then simply move the video camera from tripod to tripod rather than having to reset each time you want to change the angle.

Regardless of the location of your shoot or the size of your camera, there are a very large variety of tripods for your selection. From small tripods that actually fit on your keychain to those professional tripods for very heavy professional cameras, the selection of tripods at your disposal is vast. Consider a tripod as an investment just as you did when you purchased your camera or video camera. Since some tripods will fit many different video cameras, you may be able to keep and maintain your tripod purchase for a lifetime.


Source by Lisa Fausey

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