Top 4 MLM Downline Problems and Solutions


MLM downline problems are one of the most common reasons why many network marketers are failing to create real residual income with their business. Here are the top 4 MLM downline problems and solutions to help you create the income that you are working so hard for.

The first MLM downline problem is dealing with attrition and trying to figure out how to “stop the leaking bucket.” In the MLM industry, dealing with your downline stopping their autoship or jumping to a new company so they can be on a higher level with another MLM company, can really be a stressful situation. In order to limit attrition to a mininum, you want to figure out how to enroll more people into your business and make it like clockwork. I know this takes a lot of energy, but think of it like a back up plan for attrition because MLMers really don’t have control over what their downlines do. That’s just the nature of the game.

The next MLM downline problem is keeping the newly enrolled excited after they’ve been in the business for 2 weeks. Two weeks is the magic number because after two weeks, the initial excitement for the new opportunity starts to die down unless your new enrollee is producing. So the answer to the problem is the get your new enrollees started on the right foot and help them get their first few people enrolled in the business. Once the two weeks have passed and there has been no action, consider your business partner not in the game anymore.

The third problem is lack of training. There needs to be some sort of training that you or your upline provides to your downline so that they have direction. With how easy it is to leverage your time now on the Internet, you can create a blog or YouTube channel that holds all of your training videos for your specific MLM company. This is how you build a powerful MLM downline.

The last MLM downline problem is dealing with whiners and people who need constant hand-holding and babysitting. I want you to think of the 80/20 rule right here for this problem. 80% of your production is going to come from 20% of your team and 20% of your production is going to come from the other 80% of your team. What this means is work with who’s working and don’t sweat the people that are wasting your time. I’m not saying this to be mean…I’m saying this because this is how you create a successful MLM business or any business for that matter.


Source by Brian Horwitz

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