The Tissue Box Self Contained Hidden Spy Camera


There are many hidden cameras on the market today. Very few, however, compare to the totally self contained Tissue Box Hidden by SleuthGear.

What makes the SleuthGear spy camera so special? Well, let’s start with it’s ability to be easily hidden in “plain sight”. This spy camera will fit-in in almost any environment. If you think about it a tissue box is common place in most households, offices, stores and even inside of a car.

But this amazing piece of spy equipment does not stop there. Not even close. Not only is the tissue box hidden camera easy to place almost anywhere, undetected. It is completely self contained. Secretly hidden inside of the tissue box is a digital video recorder. The enclosed DVR has a date and time stamp and can be scheduled to record at any time. It is also motion activated, which means, it can be setup to only record when it sees motion in it’s camera view.

The DVR records the video to an SD card and can accept up to a 16 GB SD card (2GB is included) for many hours of recording.

The built-in camera is completely covert in nature. On many hidden spy cameras there is a pinhole that the camera looks through, making it easy to spot the camera. The tissue Box hidden camera has no pinholes. The camera is cleverly hidden behind the smoked plastic, making it almost impossible to spot. The high resolution camera is also a day / night camera. When light conditions are right it is a color camera and if light drops below a certain point it automatically switches to a low light black and white camera.

Viewing the recorded video is also extremely easy. There are two options for viewing. 1) you can connect the Tissue Box hidden camera directly to a TV through a video input and use the included remote control to view the video. 2) Remove the Sd card and view the video on your computer using the included SD card reader.

The Tissue Box Hidden camera is one of the newest and easiest to use hidden spy cameras on the market today and in my opinion , hands down, one of the best.


Source by Charles S Young

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