I’d like to tell you about the strangest secret in the world some years ago the late Nobel prize-winning doctor albert schweitzer was being interviewed in London
a reporter asked him doctor what’s wrong with men today?  The doctor was silent a moment and then said, men simply don’t think.  It’s about this but I wanna talk with

We live today in a golden age this is a era that man has been looking forward to, working toward for thousands of years, but since it’s here, it’s pretty much taken
for granted. We in America particularly fortunate to live in a richest land it ever existed
on the face of the earth.

A land of abundant opportunity for everyone. but you know what happens… Lets take 100 hundred men who started out even at the age of 25. Do you have any idea what will happen to those men by the time they’re 65? Even though these men all start even that the age of 25, they all believe they’re going to be successful, if you ask’ed them if they wanted to be a success he’s tell you he did. You’d notice it, he was eager toward life, there was a certain sparkle in his eye, and an erectness to his carirage. Life seemed like a pretty interesting adventure to him.

But by the time they reach 65,  one will be rich, four will be financially
independent, five will still be working, and 54 will be broke.

Take a moment, out of 100 only five make the grade.  Now why do so many fail?  What has happened to the sparkle it was there when they were twenty five.

What’s become of their dreams?
their hopes, their plans, and why is there such a large disparity between what these men
intended to do, and what they actually accomplished?

When we say about 5 percent achive success, we have to define success
and here’s the best definition I ever been able to find.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

If a man is working toward a pre-determined goal and knows where he’s
going that man is a success, if he’s not doing that he’s a failure.
Success is the progresive realization of worthy ideal.

Rolamay. the distinguished psychiatrist wrote a wonderful book called “Man’s search for himself”,  and in this book he said;  “the opposite of courage in our society
is not cowardice it is conformity”  And therin you have the trouble today.


~Earl Nightingale


I have only to add that this video was recommend to me friday night whist chatting with a person I never met before at The Haven before the music started. It was a interesting chance meeting and I would like you thank him and his wife for bringing it to my attention.

So thanks to Derrick A. Helsel and his wife. Derrck is a fellow entreprenure and businessmen that owns his own moble marine mainteance and repair servise. And for sharing this info with me I’m going to pay it forward and share his business info, for all you boat and jetski owners that need work done, but haven’t time to haul your toys the shop.

Moblie Marine Maintenance & Repairs

Orlando, Fl



I wish you the best is your success.




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