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Hi Folks, like you I am very excited about the start of the Deer hunting season. I thought I’d write to you to make sure, we were prepared and had everything that we needed for the season ahead. I’ve been recently shopping around for Deer Cameras and came across the Reconyx Game Cameras. Let me tell you, if you don’t want to compromise on quality and are after the best of the best then you can’t look past Reconyx.

It’s an American made trail camera that will be with you for a very a long time. I’ve got the RC500. I find it to be very durable and sturdy and through my research discovered that it is actually the best performing deer camera on the market. I keep on mentioning deer, but it captures any moving object with such amazing clarity – even your kids if they’re sneaking out at night to go to a party.

The Fastest trigger time of all cameras, instant recovery time, and a wide detection zone make the Reconyx Game Camera the one to beat! Depending on what features you are looking for there are 2 models that you shouldn’t be looking past:

• The Reconyx Hyperfire RC500 Deer Camera; and

• The Reconyx Hyperfire RC600 Deer Camera

Reconyx Hyperfire RC500 Deer Camera

This is the Semi-Covert Infra Red model. It has the tell tale red glow that is common to infra red cameras. It is at a very low level that lessens the chance of spooking the game. Some of it’s stand out features include:

• Six or 12 AA Alkaline batteries, NIMH rechargeable or 1.5volt lithium batteries which allow the camera to run continuously for up to a YEAR!

• The wide 50 foot flash range combined with the Ultra HD IR™ camera lens return beautiful sharp images at day or night time

• Color images will be returned during the day and monochrome at night

• Secure Digital (SD® or SDHC®) Memory Cards up to 32GB to capture full 1080P High Definition images at speeds as fast as 2 frames per second

• The quality is without peer at 3.1 megapixels

• Time, date, moon, phase and temperature stamp on all images

• The fastest trigger speed on the market at 1/5th of a second.

• BuckView Advanced software with Google Maps

• CodeLoc passcode protected

Reconyx Hyperfire RC600 Deer Camera

This is the Covert Infra Red model. No-Glow™ High Output Covert Infrared Technology eliminates the tell-tale red glow common to other Infrared Cameras. Some of it’s stand out features include:

• All the same features as the Reconyx Hyperfire RC500

• Only NIMH rechargeable or 1.5volt lithium batteries can be used

Make sure you get your hands on the latest deals on the Reconyx Cameras at my blog before you hit the trail and Happy Hunting Guys!!!


Source by Anthony Gibbons

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