The Flintstone Look


I have begun to have trouble seeing my shoes when I stand and look down at my feet. I can’t see my belt buckle either. When men age, the gut drops. So far, I have not discovered an exercise that will reverse what has happened to me. My body has begun to look like the body of cartoon character Fred Flintstone.

Animation studio Hanna-Barbera created the Flintstone cartoon series, which many folks found to be funny because they seemed to have modern appliances that were powered by feet, small animals, dinosaurs, wind, or most anything except fossil fuels or electricity. Each episode centered on Fred Flintstone, a big-hearted, big mouth bumbler, who never gets a break. You may have heard the saying, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.” Rarely did Fred get lucky, and if he did, he squandered his fortune, or he would be “the sucker that no one gives an even break.” Yet, everyone loved Fred because he was true to his family and friends. Sad-eyed Fred admitted that he was wrong or stupid. Everyone who watched that show forgave Fred, because he deserved it.

Fred’s body was shaped like a block of wood with rounded corners. We never saw his body, but we did see how his animal skin hung on that body. I doubt that Fred could stand up and still see his shoes either. Oh, yeah, right – Fred did not wear shoes (or a belt). His short friend, Barney Rubble, also sported the block of wood look. Indeed, I think every caveman in that show looked that way. Yet, their women looked great! Fred and Barney’s wives had the hourglass curves, and their animal skin clothes must have come from Bloomin Rocks (Bloomingdales) department store.

Perhaps, all modern men are fated to look like Flintstone. I must be, and like Fred, I make mistakes. Still, my family loves me too. I think I will watch Fred Flintstone reruns, to see what I will do next.


Source by Tony A Grayson

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