That Editorial Photographer Now Wants to Capture You Candidly!


Any art form, that is well preserved so far, has taken its own undue time to evolve into what it is today. Take photography for instance, in less than a century, the artistic capture of events has slowly molded itself into a more mainstream career very recently. Where fashion and commercial photography have been the booming rivulets of mainstream photography, editorial photography has been around for awhile. Yet, in comparison with the former two, editorial photography seems to be facing tougher times.

In a surprising disclosure, many photographers are now pursuing the candid nature of editorial photography full-fledged. Recent statistics about professional photography suggest a high demand for editorial photographers for varied reasons. An editorial photo shoot is one of the most common and widely applicable forms of photography, especially, deployed in press and magazine purposes.

A little shift from the regular trend, many photographers are now giving a creative and trendier curve to the editorial photography genre. What makes editorial photo shoots so popular with the shutterbugs and masses alike is the fact that, unlike commercial and fashion photography, it isn’t about any selling pitches to advertise a product or a high-profile lifestyle. It is about communicating a topic through your pictures, your shots. Most freelancers, amateurs start as an editorial photographer for a base.

Editorial photography emerged as a by-product of journalism. Images that supported the theme of the editorial copy, or at the very least, said what the words were insufficient to imply. It is needless to say that an image is worth a thousand words. And that is why editorial photography is important; yet it is not so booming. A lot of creative thought and effort needs to go behind an editorial shoot because a photographer has to replicate what the content reflects through his compositions. The very mood of the article piece needs to be captured perfectly in order to support the editorial well.

So unlike other professional formats of photography, editorial photo shoots come with a lot of creative freedom; which is a breather from following client briefs and working in a stipulated framework! That’s why we are experiencing an influx of photographers into editorial streams in the recent times. Somewhere back in time, a noted editorial photographer had urged local people to come forward for editorial shoots. The photographer had various themes in mind that he wanted to capture through his lens, so he floated open invitations to people around to incorporate as much genuineness as possible in his photo shoots.

Most common people get ready to shoot themselves by photographers. That brings more sincerity and authenticity to a photographer’s work.

The latest to hit the stand is news from a photographer who is compiling editorial shots of all residents in his city who previously hailed from other nations. He plans to put up an exhibition of his multi-cultural, diverse-ethnicity-depicting shoots in an exhibition later to commemorate the Cosmopolis streak of his city.


Source by Prince L Kumar

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