The Web Series: Introduction to Somethin’ Or Other Tour

[ad_1] Do you love exploring and experiencing random things, such as old museums, historical landmarks, sports games and abandoned places? If so, we would like to introduce you to an amazing YouTube web serious called Somethin’ Or Other Tour. Let’s check out

Z1012 of Kodak EasyShare Series Under the Spotlight!

[ad_1] Canon, Nikon, Sony – this is the so-called Japanese trinity when it comes digital SLR cameras and point-and-shoot cameras. The guys behind these names are constantly pumping out digital cameras beefed up with the latest and advanced photography technologies you won’t

Digital Photography Idea Series – Taking Photos at Christmas

[ad_1] Inspiration and creativity are two areas where students always ask questions. They are “how to be more creative” and “how to get inspired” with my photography. So this series looks at ideas that will inspire more creativity in any amateur photographer.

How to Sell a Screenplay to a Studio – Create Your Own Web Series

[ad_1] Creating your own web series is challenging, yet rewarding. It will help you when you are trying to learn how to sell a screenplay to a studio. It will be a creative endeavor that will help you learn much about production