How to Sell A Screenplay – Get Familiar With Your Market

[ad_1] Knowing how to sell a screenplay means knowing that this industry, by its very nature, is one in which everything is divided into genres and subgenres. Certain filmmakers and production companies specialize in making certain types of movies, and it is

How To Sell a Movie Script – Working As an Intern For A Production Company or Individual Producer

[ad_1] A great way to expand your writing network, and to learn how to sell a movie script, is to take an internship at a production company or an agency. With that being said, your author would like to mention at the

How to Sell a Screenplay to a Studio – Create Your Own Web Series

[ad_1] Creating your own web series is challenging, yet rewarding. It will help you when you are trying to learn how to sell a screenplay to a studio. It will be a creative endeavor that will help you learn much about production