Review of YouTube Cash on Steroids

[ad_1] YouTube Cash on Steroids is a product made by Cory Friedman, a successful 27 year old internet entrepreneur. It is a series of videos teaching a person to take advantage of the popularity of the YouTube in attracting persons who are

Review of 2013 Film ‘The Ship of Theseus’, a ‘Hinglish’ Film Directed by Anand Gandhi

[ad_1] The Ship of Theseus is a painstakingly dialectical observation of the transient human forms journeying in the sphere of reality. It examines the paradoxes in arguments about human beliefs, values and ideologies, exploring through the cave of space and time to

Review: 3d Toons Creative 3D Design For Cartoonists and Animators

[ad_1] Authors: Steve & Raf Anzovin ISBN: 0764129511 3d Toons Creative 3D Design For Cartoonists and Animators is a powerhouse of information that focuses on artistic choices in explaining to its readers how 3D cartoonists reach their goals. As mentioned in the

"The Inventor of the Modern World" Book Review

[ad_1] Thomas Edison was an inventor of electricity, sound and motion pictures. He had a brilliant mind that never stopped. He lived a fascinating life and partnered with other brilliant minds to create fore-runners of the modern conveniences we enjoy today. The