Call Of Duty-Modern War 2 (Xbox 360) – Pre-Owned
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Shaun a former paramedic, is seeking to continue his passion for film and video. Having worked online in web marketing, he now applies his knowledge about video production and visual graphics to his independent short film and video projects, creates freelance marketing promos and sales videos.

He lives near the beach and likes fishing scuba diving and movies.
Shaun Bennett
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Call Of Duty-Modern War 2 (Xbox 360) – Pre-Owned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Video Game for Xbox 360 General Features: Genre: First person shooter Players: 1-4 Player co-op: 2 System link: 2-18 Online multiplayer: 2-18 Epic single-player campaign resumes where the prequel left off The definitive multiplayer experience returns with all new enhancements […]