Guided Writing Through Silent Motion Picture’s Visual Passages

[ad_1] “I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word.” David LaChapelle Writing skill is a productive student’s ability under the macro skills including listening, reading, and speaking. One creative way to hone one’s ability of

How to Move LG enV Touch Pictures to Computer – Transfer Photos and Video From LG VX11000

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The Restrictions on Taking Pictures of Slot Machines and Your Winnings

[ad_1] Have you ever tried winning a huge amount of money on a certain slot machine and wanting to take a picture of such a win to either brag to your pals with or to simply prove to friends and family that

Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone

[ad_1] If you are going for a camping trip with your friends, then you need not carry any bulky digital cameras with you. With improvements in technology our smartphones now have really good cameras. This eliminates the need for an expensive DSLR,