Popular Mentalism Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

[ad_1] There are plenty of popular mentalism tricks which are wonderful and often times impossible to believe mentalism and psychological wizardry acts performed nowadays. From David Blaine’s levitation to Criss Angel’s walking on water. Mentalism is everywhere, from the TV to the

3 Blockbusters With Inspirational Speeches That Can Blow Your Mind

[ad_1] We enjoy movies for their action, adventure, cinematography, special effects, as well as the hot babes, and hunks. But movies also allow us to learn the art and science of crafting inspirational speeches! Here are 3 movies that contain some of

Nature Photography – A Hobby to Calm the Mind in a Connected World

[ad_1] We are currently living in an increasingly busy and technology dependent world, where for many of us, our days are spent looking at screens in an enclosed space. In our major cities the current generations people have become so disjointed from