Video Production – Making Explainer Videos

[ad_1] Video production is gradually emerging as the future of business marketing. Little wonder then that 87% of online marketers are using this form of content in their marketing. The effectiveness of this communication tool is evident in the fact that 92%

Dementia, Domestic Abuse and 3 Things I Have Learned About Film Making

[ad_1] My story starts about nine years ago, when I had come out of a `difficult` relationship and was enjoying life again. I was determined not to have wasted fifteen years of my life and so wrote a short story about my

The I KNOW Syndrome and How It Is Making Us Foolish and Stupid

[ad_1] I don’t know if this is a teenage thing, but my daughter for a period of time keeps saying I KNOW, whenever I tell her something. Or if I see that she’s out of line I’ll say something and she says