An Interview With "Zero Day" Director Ben Coccio

[ad_1] “Sometimes a subject just chooses you and it’s impossible to look away. When that happens, you just have to approach the subject honestly and hope others can find value in it.” Filmmaker Ben Coccio gave this explanation for choosing the subject

Skate Photography Interview With Bart Jones

[ad_1] Name, Age, Status, Employer, Hometown? Bartholomew Wilhelm Jones, 28, Single, The Skateboard mag son!, Geneva, Illinois. Lets start at the very beginning. I want to know what it took to spawn you. Tell me about your parents. What kind of people

Working With Chet Atkins – An Interview With Jimmy Moore

[ad_1] Tom: Can you tell me a little bit how you got your first start with photography? Jimmy: We lived in this little small town, Lawrenceburg, TN. There was one small magazine store that got Popular Science Magazine and Popular Mechanics and