Have a Clear Understanding of Event Management Companies for Corporate Events

[ad_1] Amusement, merriment and laughter are not the only aspects of an individual’s life. Financial power is required as well to lead a life full of fun. Therefore, corporate events and shows do not only entail amusement but business also. The media

How to Edit Event Video Highlights Quickly in Sony Vegas

[ad_1] This is a quick note to myself about the discovery of a new way to get things done. There has been a number of “video highlights” editing assignments recently. An assignment involves filming a live event and editing a short video

Similarities and Differences in Film Production and Event Management

[ad_1] Film schools around the world are mainly focused at teaching the technical aspects of filmmaking. These areas include art direction, cinematography, digital media, editing, directing the actors, directing the camera, theater acting, and even critical studies in film. A very important