The Crave Of Nigerian Film Practitioners & Potential Members To Attend The New York Film Institute

It’s no longer a secret that Nigerians place a high premium on quality, and are willing to part with cash just to obtain same. This growing trend has also found its way into Nollywood, where filmmakers who have made films boasting of

Investing in Film As a Non Correlated Asset Class Opportunity For Affluent Investors & Hedge Funds

The term non-correlated asset classes covers a whole range of potential investments, including venture capital, real estate, private equity, and commodities, but also alternative investment strategies. But in today’s economy of crashing public equity markets, defaulting hedge funds, and non-existent real estate

Screenwriters & Filmmakers – Pitching the Cold Heart of the Banker

Can a creative pitch alone get your script produced? Pitching the script is an art that is much talked about, put into college curriculums and lauded by the Pop Culture. But, there’s a big factor missing from creative pitches. It’s fundamental; but

Drones and UAVs in Cinematography & Film Production

Unmanned aerial vehicles surely made a lot of our daily tasks easier. Nowadays, we have Amazon Prime Air, a drone-empowered air delivery service and CyberHawk, a drone-operated live inspection service. Both of these are a testament of how developed drones have become.