Storyboarding – The Key to Great Motion Graphics


The commercial use of storyboarding for production, film and television work is creating entertainment, marketing activities and business communications that are increasingly interactive, capturing the attention of near all consumers. The development and production of these, however, takes a great deal of planning; just as any complex project would. This is where the role of storyboarding is so vital.

Storyboarding enables the logical planning of a sequence of events that achieves the final goal; enabling everyone to be involved in the project, working towards the end production of a unique, entertaining and graphically appealing production. Traditionally, storyboarding has been completed by hand, with talented artists and graphic designers manually creating the storyboard through a series of illustrations. However, with the advent of modern technology and software applications, electronic versions of storyboards are now proving popular. The advanced features and ability to easily render and edit the project is proving to not only aid in the creative process, but prove a more cost effective manner of achieving the results through reduced time of production.

Nonetheless, creating a storyboard from scratch and completing the production is still a timely and costly exercise, requiring a team of resources which include artists, graphic designers, computer programmers, editors and other members of the production team. This cost can be inhibitive for all but the largest of media and commercial companies. Furthermore, the need for commercial news agencies to quickly respond to ‘breaking news’ and provide continually updated and entertaining content on their respective websites, has created tight timelines for the production of After Effects and motion graphics which are expected in all media forms by modern consumers. But how can businesses react to this?

One proven manner is to utilise industry leading After Effects templates, which are royalty free stock motion graphics for production, film and television network professionals. These broadcast quality files are fully customisable and vector based; meaning that they can be utilised again for other projects in a variety of media formats. Those companies offering the latest in After Effects templates are able to create a customised storyboard of the selected motion graphics template. This ensures that you get the productive control and assurance of knowing what the end production is going to look like, with advanced motion graphics… and all at a fraction of the costs of traditional means of originating storyboards and productive processes. The reductions in both timelines and costs mean that businesses of all sizes and industries can access the best in motion graphics.


Source by Janine Macdonald

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