Sony Ericsson Releases the Satio


One of the key features of the Sony Ericsson Satio is the 12MP camera. This is the first phone to be able to take 12MP photos and indeed, has made photography a key part of its user experience. The camera has been actively built into the phone- the lens has a cover so that it doesn’t grease up, and the camera button is positioned on the outside, so you don’t have to work through menus before you take a photo. The camera also comes with Xenon flash and one-touch focus, so you can quickly focus your shot before you take it.

The interface (driven by the Symbian operating system) has a different layout from many other Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The Satio now has scrollable screens, complete with a touch screen and gesture controls with the navigation bar placed at the top of the screen.

Other feature of the Satio is that keyboard has been designed to offer a customisable messaging experience. The keyboard works automatically in both in portrait and landscape phone positions. If you’re used to the traditional phone layout, you can message in the usual way or alternatively, choose the QWERTY keyboard layout. The Satio lets you choose the style of texting that works best for you.

The phone is also compatible with the Sony Ericsson Play Now Arena – allowing you to download a wide range of movies to your mobile phone via your PC. The films can then be watched on the Satio’s three and a half inch, 16:9 widescreen. The movies available and the price you pay will be affected by your contract and the country where the phone is registered.


Source by Kate Tyler

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