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Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Summary by Shaun Bennett

If I told you ten years ago that one day soon, there would be website’s on which you could share your opinion’s globally– partake in international debates or upload a video in real-time about what was happening in your life right at the moment—all of which would require no more effort than a few taps on your mobile device , you might have laughed in my face. If I told the same story to my employer and suggested that we—the company—should consider this site’s as a potential source of publicity for advertising…I might have been at best told to focus on my work and told to stop wasting time.

My… how things have changed. Today companies have entire departments dedicated to what was at one time considered “ wasting time” on social media websites. Teams of writers, graphic designers, S.E.O specialist’s and many more working together to ensure their efforts produce a significant ROI of their time. Personal profiles became company business pages and advertising text got new names like “tweet’s”  ”posts” and so on.   This is was the rise of Social Media Marketing.

We have all seen how much has changed in the last ten years. Using it as a guide and with a bit of understanding of marketing trends, we can make a few predictions on what will make or break business over the next year.

An increase of Live or “In-the-Moment updates

Much of social media is already in the moment though limited to text and photo. The innovation of apps such as Snapchat and Periscope have created the ability to upload streaming video in nearly real time. With the ability to share live video to social media instead of recording and posting those video via and outside provided, we can safely say far well to the scheduled social media posting services. Many of these have been in decline as users are much more engaged by what is happening right now rather than reading an auto-generated post written in advance.

The Buy Now Button

The integration of online shopping and the ability to purchase a product or service online without having to leave the comfort of Facebook. Company business pages and sponsored advertisements now can add a Buy Now button on their page or post. Consumers can make purchases while continuing to catch up on the current status of their friends. by the end of next year, most social platform will have a similar feature. Due to the rise of the user connecting via mobile devise’s, creating the ability to make a purchase without leaving the social platform “ Never Leave The App”.

Increased In-application Functionality

Facebook is at the forefront of adding new functionality. With the new Instant Articles (Which I just signed up for) to videos that auto-play while you’re scrolling your timeline, it would seem that creating and expanding functionality is paramount to success. Right now they are building a virtual assistant. How cool is that?!   So if you plan on success for your business in this soon to be future, your business better include some brilliant and creative app designers that are able to anticipate the needs and wants of consumers. This trend is affording marketers more and more opportunities to interact with the target audience within a platform.

In the last decade, we have seen a quantum leap in the way we work, shop live and communicate. Social media has changed the game for both business and in our personal lives.

During the time it took to research and write this article, which will be uploaded to my personal blog and shared to my social media. I checked my person Facebook account 3 times, installed Periscope to my mobile, connected it with my business Twitter account, made a Live broadcast about what I was doing (writing this post) signed up for Facebook’s Instant Articles, drank the second cup of coffee while proofreading this summary and right now I think that the future will hold a splendid amount of opportunities. Media communication is going to grow beyond our wildest dreams. I can only imagine the day when we will connect directly via implant to a Data Sphere that replaced the World Wide Web.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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