Slim And Compact Nokia 6300 Black


Nokia has been the leader in the world on mobile phones. Nokia 6300 is a new range of mobile phones from the world of Nokia. This attractive mobile comes in two glittering colors. On is black and the other is red. Nokia 6300 is embedded with stainless steel body and has 2 inches screens that display 16 million true colors. Just beneath the screen comes the keypad of the hand set. The keys of the mobile are very soft and give the user a very comfortable experience of typing. The screen display high resolution colors which make the display of the screen much clear and bright for the users.

At the back side of the phone are the loudspeaker and the lens of the camera. Loudspeaker helps the user to make easy conversations while they are involved in other work. The 2 mega pixel camera makes Nokia 6300 a desire for all the photography freaks. The users can capture all the wonderful moments with the help of this 2 mega pixel with 8 X zoom more memorable. This high end camera phone gives the opportunity to the users to capture each and every moment of their lives. The new Nokia 6300 has become a desirable accessory for the youth. Their whole purpose of a camera, a music player and video player is to attract the generation of today towards their new Nokia 6300.

The handset features lots of different modes for clicking the photographs. These different modes add a unique touch to the photos. Nokia 6300 is designed keeping in mind the professionals and busy lifestyle of the individuals as it comes all the best features that help in the daily routine. Whether it’s about staying in touch with friends or surfing the web or related to entertainment- all comes in Nokia 6300. Matt stainless steel finish of the body adds the excitement to the users. Nokia 6300 gets along with the preloaded games like 3D soccer, snake3 which are fun to play with. Nokia 6300 is truly a real urban gadget ruling the contemporary world.


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