Sin City; Antagonist Fatalism or the Ultimate Good vs Evil?


The Sin City DVD blew my mind, or maybe I should say,

warped my mind. I haven’t been a great fan of Graphic

Novels, but this movie encouraged me to purchase a few of

the Sin City books. Frank Miller’s now famous, series

creations have taken us into the world of a bizarre surreal

environment of death, destruction and gallows underbelly


Is the story telling and artistry supposed to show a world

we hope would never exist in our white bread world? Or is

it an ultimate achievement of good (disguised as part of

the underbelly) trying to subdue evil? I prefer to think

the latter.

The film itself is a work of pure cinematography genius.

With the classic film noir overlay and the visual tricks

and special effects, it looks as if you would open the Sin

City graphic novel and have the pages come to life. This, I

do believe, is the closest I have seen a movie come to the

actual artwork and content of the original paper versions.

The very concept and style of Sin City, whether it be the

movie or the novels, is not for everyone. The plot and

violence are very graphic and definitely not for younger

audiences. But as graphic as the movie is, due to the

nature of the moving comic book background, it doesn’t

bring out the reality and gore that could have been

pictured. Personally, I enjoyed this toning down. I would

hate to think that I could actually condone this kind of

violent activity.

Robert Rodriguez in collaboration with series creator,

Frank Miller have ingeniously intertwined four of the

Graphic Novels into the making of Sin City. “The Customer

is Always Right”, opens the movie even before the credits

starts. Then “The Hard Goodbye”, “Big Fat Kill” and “That

Yellow Bastard” make up the rest of the movie.

I for one was impressed with the casting and how the actors

seemed to fit the characters to perfection. I am starting

to see a pattern though, in that certain actors are

starting to show up in various comic book related movies of

the new Hollywood features. The Kingpin (Michael Clarke

Duncan) from Daredevil, for example, is also a character in

Sin City. Do you think you can spot him? He is pretty hard

to miss.

It looks like by now, Jessica Alba may be vying for the

Title “Queen of the Comic Book Movies” (ha ha). She also

came out this year in The Fantastic Four and will be in the

sequel when it comes out.

With the new outcry for realistic comic book character

movies and the new Hollywood technologies that make them

possible, it looks like the original character creators

want to reap some of the exposure. Stan Lee, of Marvel

Comics fame, manages to get a cameo appearance every now

and again in his character creation movies. And now, in Sin

City, Frank Miller was justified in putting his mug on the

wide screen. He appears as the, shall we say, sinister

priest that Marv (Mickey Rourke) decides he is justified in

blowing away. How many more comic book character creators

do you think we will see in cameo rolls as more movies are


If you are an avid fan of Frank Miller and, in particular,

Sin City, then you will quite probably feel this one of the

best movies to come out of Hollywood in 2005. If you are

unfamiliar with the entire Sin City theme and series,

advance with caution and don’t watch it with the young or

the young at heart (ha). The movie, in my mind, is

definitely a visual sensation. And I hear that Sin City II

may be ready for us in the summer of 2006. Enjoy.


Source by Dave Gieber

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