Photography Services

Basic Package $300

• 1-hour photo shoot • 10 edited digital photos • Online gallery for viewing and sharing • Print release for personal use

Standard Package $500

2-hour photo shoot • 25 edited digital photos • Online gallery for viewing and sharing • Print release for personal use

Premium Package $1500

• 4-hour photo shoot • 50 edited digital photos • Online gallery for viewing and sharing photos • Custom USB drive with digital photos • 10-page hardcover photo book • Print release for personal use


Answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact me through the contact page on my website. I’ll reply ASAP! Once we decide on your session date, I’ll send over the corresponding reservation link where you’ll be able to virtually sign the contract and pay the deposit online. If you have questions, call for more info.

As soon as possible! I only schedule 2-3 photo sessions per week and 2 weekend sessions per month so the schedule fills up quickly.  

Yes!  It’s definitely worth being added to my waitlist and/or checking with me to see if I can fit you in at the last minute. Some sessions are scheduled a year in advance, so it’s not unusual for families to have to reschedule due to travel plans, illness or emergency. 

Contact me

YES, I do! I am available for many different types of events. Please Contact for more details.

Typically around 2 weeks. If you need to see them sooner, please let me know when you schedule your session

General editing: I will always edit away blemishes, bruises and scratches. I may lessen the appearance of pock-marks, shaving scars and mild acne scars. Extreme scarring may be smoothed, but not removed as it would dramatically alter the person’s appearance.  Skin will be smoothed a bit so that it looks naturally soft. I edit away the most-ambitious/distracting stray hairs.  Under-eye circles are removed or lightened on adults per my discretion so that it looks natural. I generally leave laugh lines.   

Additional charges of $100/hr may apply for any requested enhancements (1 hr minimum, charged in hourly increments): Examples: Gray hair removal, frizzy hair cleanup, hair color touchup at roots, body/face shaping, double-chin removal, head swapping, removing wrinkles from clothing, removing bra straps or bra lines, cleaning/whitening teeth, etc.  

We all have different talent levels, equipment and experience and offer varying levels of quality in our work. We also take on different numbers of clients based on our business’ needs and capacities. 

Though this is my full-time career, I work with only a few clients a week in order to give each person the best experience possible. For each session, I devote on average 15 hours of planning, preparation, shooting, editing, presentation, and delivery, so I charge around $100/hr (which is still $80 less/hr than my plumber charges).   

In return for your investment, I will give you a fun experience to remember and intricately-crafted pieces of art that will stand the test of time. You will look at your photos for years to come and smile because they so perfectly capture your beautiful self and family. You will use your photos to tell your story to your children and their children.  You will know in your heart that your portraits are absolutely priceless

I do not charge penalties for cancelling due sickness, family emergencies or death in the family.  All other cancellations MUST be made 48 hours before scheduled appointment time or forfeit the deposit.