Sending MMS Messages On Your iPhone


Once you get an Apple iPhone you will soon find that it becomes your most used electronic device. Since it offers features like internet access, the ability to play music and an intuitive user interface your iPhone is able to replace several different devices. Still, on top of all the other features it is still a cell phone and as such there as several things you would expect it to do in that respect. One thing that the iPhone promised before launch was that it would be very easy to send text messages and once you have used an iPhone you will see just how quick and easy it is.

One thing about the iPhone that may come as a disappointment to you in the lack of the ability to send MMS messages. This is a feature that is commonplace on most modern cell phones and you would expect to find it on a sophisticated device like the iPhone. When people first discovered that this feature was absent there was an outcry because many people use MMS to keep their contacts up to date with what they are up to.

The lack of the ability to send MMS messages may be a major turn off for any prospective iPhone customers. Fortunately there is a way around this with the iPhone. While you can’t actually send a MMS message you can use the inbuilt e-mail capabilities and still be able to deliver your pictures directly to your friend’s cell phones.

The iPhone makes this very quick and easy. What you actually do is e-mail the photos to your intended recipient rather than using MMS. What if the other persons doesn’t have e-mail? That isn’t a problem as they can still receive your e-mail in the form of a MMS message. All you need to do is locate the photo you want to send and tap on the send photo link on the bottom left hand side of your iPhone.

The e-mail address that you send the photos to will usually take the form of the recipient’s photo number with their carrier’s e-mail suffix. For example, if your friend’s number was 1234567890 then you would address the e-mail to You will need to know who your friend’s carrier is but once you’ve found that out you can keep on sending them e-mails which they will receive as MMS messages.

To help you here are the e-mail address formats for some of the major cell phone carriers: Amp’d Mobile – @vzwpix. com, Alltel – @message.alltel. com, AT&T/Cingular – @mms.att. com, Sprint/Nextel – @messaging.sprintpcs. com, T-Mobile – @tmomail. net, Verizon – @vzpix. com and Virgin Mobile – @vmobl. net.


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