Selling Digital Photos Online


Selling digital photos online is not hard at all, if you have a digital camera

and access to the internet you have everything you need to make money from your pictures.

The market is enormous thousands and thousands of artist, webmasters

and companies do need your pictures.

Within the next few minutes you will learn some great tips about selling digital photos online.

Stock photo sites.

Stock photo sites are online membership website where you can buy and sell your digital pictures.

You can submit your pictures to the free online stock photo sites but why would you do that,

you won’t earn money from it. Some members of stock photo sites are making thousands of dollars per week just by selling digital photos online.

Most of the online stock photo sites allow you to set your own price.

However be sure to check the frequently asked questions on the help desk, some pay you a fixed amount.

If you want to sell digital photos online make sure your photos are unique.

Of course you must be the owner of the photo but if you see thousands and thousands of pictures of cats it’s time to submit something else.

Your own website.

There are almost no business owners who don’t have an own website.

Perhaps you are a professional photographer or an amateur with thousand of pictures on your website trying to sell your digital photos.

Why don’t you try to open your own website a .com domain name will cost you less then 10$.

It is almost impossible to compete with the online stock photo sites but that is not your goal.

What about selling pictures of your own region or selling photos of a specific car brand.

Selling digital photos online – 5 extra tips.

1) Make sure that your digital photos don’t contain trademarks, brands and company logos.

2) Place your pictures in the right categories for more earnings.

3) Don’t stick to photos; try to sell vectors and illustrations as well.

4) Selling your digital photos online can also be done on ebay.

5) Be very careful with persons on your photos. Do read the terms and conditions of each photo stock site very carefully.

Selling digital photos online can be a fun and rewarding process.

Let’s be honest it is better to make a low amount of 10$ a day then nothing.

Thousands of people worldwide are making a full time income selling digital pictures online to a worldwide audience.

Are you the next one?


Source by Frederik Smith

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