Samsung G600 – A Mobile For The Future



Nowadays mobile phones have become very important in a man’s life. Earlier it was a luxury and now it is a necessity. As the necessity grew the facilities also grew and even the technology has grown. Due to the growth of technology the features in the mobiles have also grown. Samsung G600 is also one among the mobiles with the latest technology and also with the technology which is a mobile for the future.

Special Features

There are many special features in the Samsung G 600 mobile phones. The following are some of the special features available in this mobile; they are mega pixel camera, Multimedia, Color screen, Imaging, Messaging, Sound, Entertainment and Organizer. Each of the above said features are detailed below.

Mega pixel Camera

The Samsung G 600 mobile has a 5 mega pixel camera, with flash and auto focus lens. This has also different camera modes and photo settings. This mobile phone also has special features like video player, Video record, wall papers, and screen savers. An additional facility given in this mobile is the photo caller ID


SMS Short message facility or text messaging, MMS Multi media messaging and internet facility is also available in this mobile. With the help of the internet one can check mails, browse and send Email to dear and near ones. This has also predictive text.

Sound & Entertainment

There are different types of ring tones available in this mobile phone. It has polyphonic and MP3 ring tones. It has also the facilities of downloading the ring tones. There is also a Music player and FM radio stereo system. There is also the vibration mode of ring tone alert. The greatest advantage of this Samsung G 600 Mobile phone is that, there are entertainment facilities like Java embedded games. There is a facility to download the games too.

Additional Facility

There are certain additional facilities available in this Samsung G 600 mobile phone. Such as blue tooth, Sync ML, USB 2.0 and the WAP 2.0. There are certain accessories provided along with the new mobile, they are Stereo Headset for the music system available in the mobile. A PC Data link kit is also provided along with the mobile. A standard battery for charging the mobile and a travel adaptor are also attached along with the mobile.


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