QTsi 35mm – The Ideal Minolta SLR Camera Kit With Changeable Lens

I’ve been waiting for years for an SLR camera model to come out that has changeable lenses and has the vibe of an instamatic camera. A camera that would be affordable and user-friendly even to amateur users by making the focusing, and customization and adjustment of settings a breeze. This is exactly what I found in the Minolta SLR camera QTsi 35mm kit. The bundled 35-80mm lens is great for taking closeup shots and extending shooting distance.

If you want to take closeup or telephoto shots, all you have to do is add one or two lenses and you’re all set. The Minolta QTsi also comes bundled with a flash that lets you capture amazing photos even in low-light or dark conditions, given your subjects are within the covered distance of the flash. You also have the option of attaching a larger flash if you want to take photos from greater distances.

The Minolta QTsi’s Automatic Focus or AF feature is also a big help to those who wear contact lenses or glasses or have poor vision. Thanks to the Minolta QTsi’s AF feature, no longer will you get those out-of-focus shots. The camera also has a feature that lets you eliminate red eye in close up shots. The QTsi’s tripod comes in handy if you want to take shots on 10-second timer mode.

The Maxxum QTsi also has the vibe of a point and shoot camera because of its ease of use and auto-programming of settings. The camera has an auto-exposure feature which lets you choose among five preset modes or settings for exposure: portraits, sports, night scenes, landscapes, and close-ups. I tried out each of the modes and was able to come up with great pictures and without complications. Another great thing about the camera is that at an affordable price, you will get the 35-80mm Minolta zoom lens along with the lightweight camera. The camera is also compatible with all of the lenses in Minolta’s AF line as well as with filters and lenses of other brands.

The downside, however, is that Minolta SLR camera models seem to have a two to three year lifespan. I used the QTsi for two years until I began to experience electrical problems with it. Two of my friends who also used Minolta cameras complained of the same thing after using their SLRs for two to three years. Another drawback is that the Minolta Maxxum QTsi doesn’t have a B or Bulb mode, so you can’t use it for astrophotography or for taking longer exposure pictures.

If you’re a casual or amateur photographer, the QTsi is a good choice because it’s affordable, easy to use, and has great picture quality.

Source by Chris Campbell

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