Pros and Cons of Camera Cell Phones


Mobile phones are almost reaching the point of necessity. In such scenario lifestyle features in mobile phones are also mounting. The most hyped about specification a mobile phone has flaunted is the camera feature. This feature has been explored and has risen with greater additions and superior technology. Though with these advancements is the camera mobile phone worth the hype? There are quiet a few advantages to a camera phone but there is also a flipside to it.

The pros of a camera mobile phone depend upon your usage or work. For journalists it is a boon as one could capture photos instantly and send it across in case it is to be sent up on live. Video conferencing in camera mobile phones is useful for the corporate people for business conferencing.

Photography enthusiasts can use camera phones to capture whatever they feel like, anywhere anytime. It isn’t possible to carry around your digital camera and hence the mobile phone camera helps you arrest the moment you find amusing. Be it a party or friends meet up, you can use your camera phone to capture your moments of joy without bothering to carry around the extra baggage of your camera.

There are some flipsides to your mobile phone camera, it isn’t of a good quality compared to a digital camera and hence lacks clarity. The high quality camera mobile phones come with lofty price tag and even sending across the images from your phone is a costly affair.

Phone cameras have been accused of misuse, indecent representation and unauthorized usage. Many religious places deny usage of camera but mobile phone cameras are used hurting the religious sentiments of devotees. Many a times photos are clicked without the permission of the person and this has been a major concern.

Most of the mobile phone cameras lack flash facility which restricts shooting times tremendously and favors specific lighting conditions. The latest mobile phones offer superior camera capabilities boasting up to 5 megapixels, flash, zoom, video recording and finer quality lens. With such imaging features it is too good to resist such an integrated device. However, they are pricey and the cheap ones with camera do not offer desirable quality. Camera phones have also been a style statement for many and mobile shops in India are banking on this feature for their sales. A camera could be handy option; you never know when you would have to use it. With the growing additions into this technology taking good pictures has become easy.


Source by Pooja Lapasia

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