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Technology has provided the greatest opportunities to even the smallest businesses. Tremendous success has occurred for individuals who capitalize on this new wave of advancement. This includes smart phones, tablets, e-book readers, streaming devices, and, oh yeah, the PC which started it all. Internet video is increasingly becoming more and more popular. YouTube videos appear on the first page of Google search results. YouTube itself has its own search engine allowing viewers access to exactly what they are searching for. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much more is a video worth?

With the fast access the internet provides, consumers are always on the hunt. Got a question? Google it! Want to know how to “do something”? Google it! Want to see a step by step video on “how to do something”? YouTube it!

YouTube may be the most recognizable video hosting website at present. It is free to create an account, free to upload and add minor special effects to videos, and even free to broadcast YouTube videos on your website or share them on Facebook. Videos are extremely captivating, especially to those who are searching for information they would rather not “read” about.

That being said, let us discuss some quick tips to get you started with promoting your brand using YouTube.

  • Use high quality video. The intent of creating YouTube videos is to have a humongous number of viewers. This is something that will be seen over and over again. Poor quality video may have a negative impact on what your customers feel about you and your brand. You do not necessarily have to purchase expensive video equipment or professional videographers, but at least have a clear picture without a shaky cameraman.
  • Include your logo or similar branding. Repetition is key. Display your website or logo in EVERY video. Create a comfort zone between your brand and potential customers. The more they see your logo or website, the more likely they are to visit your site and/or do business with you.
  • Optimize your videos for search engines. Use targeted keywords and phrases in your video title and description. These are the words your potential customers would be “searching for.” This helps with YouTube searches as well as Search Engine searches.
  • Share your videos on YouTube and on your website. Although you may use videos to promote your brand and build traffic to your website, you can also broadcast the videos on your website and other social networking sites. Posting your videos on Facebook, tweeting the link to the videos, and even showing them on your own website are all excellent uses for YouTube.
  • Be different. Take advantage of what makes you unique. Express this early in your videos and captivate your audience. YouTube is sort of like television. The audience will always have the last say. So, try to entertain them or inform them as greatly as possible.

In conclusion, YouTube is an excellent way to promote your brand, increase awareness of your business, or provide valuable information to others. There are tons of people with millions of videos that have brought about billions of viewers. Imagine getting off on the right foot with a hit YouTube video which gets millions of views! And best of all, it’s free.


Source by M Francis

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