Photo Booth Options To Consider


There are many options for photo booth fun if you are considering renting one for a party or event. You can theme the booth after the event or let guests go wild with amazing props or backdrops. There are also different types of booths when considering a rental. You will want the best available, with the easiest to use features. Here are some of the things to look for if you are going to rent a photo booth for your party or event.


Not all of your booth options are digital, in fact, many of the ones found in department or grocery stores are not. While it may be fun to have your picture taken there, they can be grainy or dull. A digital photo enhances light and backgrounds so the picture is better quality and more vibrant. This is a big difference in photo booths. If you are renting, be sure that the camera is digital. You can also save digital photos taken in the booth, so you do not need to make multiple copies if you want them for something different.

One-Push And Simple Photo Options

Some booths have difficult controls and snap features that require an operator. This is simply too much of a hassle. A one-push system provides guests with one button to push and take a photo. This makes the experience much more fun, but also helps keep potential lines moving in and out of the booth. It also means there are generally less technical issues. However, most high-grade photo booths have an attendant on staff that can help you with any technical problems that may occur.

Sizes For Accommodation

A good photo booth rental will give you many options for the size of the booth. Not all are meant for a small number of people. The smallest is generally made for two to eight people to be photographed at a time. However, many rentals offer a banquet or portrait size that can fit as many as twenty people. Think about what type of photography you want out of the booth before renting, and you will have a better idea of what options to consider.

Backgrounds For Unique Pictures

Some companies also offer backgrounds. These are easily switched by the attendant and can be made for almost any event. Curtains can be changed to match as well. This is a great way to theme photographs.


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