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Getting the essentials down of the Filipino Martial arts (FMA) are important. The essentials of FMA are the basic strikes, stances, footwork, sinawalis and twirling. You will also need some basic equipment such as a 1 pair of rubber/training escrima sticks and one pair of hard escrima sticks, as well as a training knife to begin.

Wmpyr is an awesome YouTube channel to learn from you can check it out if you do a YouTube search for “Wmpyr”. He has literally hundreds of videos on the basic and intermediate aspects of Filipino martial arts. Whichever video you decide to watch will be appropriate for those of any skill level and experience with FMA. Wmpyr teaches the basic strikes, twirling and handling of escrima sticks as well as many other concepts.

He also applies FMA concepts to other weapons such as knives, larger sticks, improvised weapons and other weapons typically not used in FMA. He has a number of other non FMA art related videos as well. Wmpyr is also trained in other martial arts aside from FMA such as mixed martial arts as well and incorporates those martial arts in his videos as well.

While Wmpyr has a lot of solo practice videos on his YouTube is Bayani Warrior or Guru Mike Pana who has a lot of partner drills and live training drills. He also has a website at

What separates him from other FMA teachers on YouTube is that he teaches some concepts not always taught in FMA. He also teaches Suntukan (Filipino boxing), staff (tungkod) which aren’t always taught in FMA.

For those with more free time and money on their hands he can help set up training groups and often teaches seminars and clinics around the world. He is also trained in Jeet Kune Do under Guruo John Ferguson as well.

Another YouTube user which has a few videos online that has helped me understand the heaven and earth sinawali is “Me Bodybuilding”. He has a few videos on the heaven and earth 6 sinawali which is an important sinawali to FMA. He demonstrates the heaven and earth sinawali on a punching bag which is very helpful when visualizing and doing the sinawali yourself. The heaven and earth sinawali is a sinawali with a lot of variations in it and from the heaven and earth 6 you can flow into a lot of different sinawalis and strikes.

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