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Combo Photo and Video Package for Small Businesses

Elevate your brand’s visual presence with our comprehensive Combo Photo and Video Package, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. This package includes:
Photo Services:

Customized Photo Sessions: Capture your products, team members, and business environment with tailored photo sessions.

Variety of Shots: From product close-ups to lifestyle images and behind-the-scenes snapshots, showcase your brand’s unique story.

Professional Editing: Each photo undergoes meticulous editing to ensure clarity, vibrancy, and visual appeal.

High-Resolution Images: Receive high-quality digital images ready for use on your website, social media, and marketing materials.

1-Minute Promotional Video: Concept development and production of a compelling 1-minute promotional video.

Pre-Production: Initial consultation, scriptwriting, and concept development to align with your brand’s message.

Production: Half-day filming session using professional-grade cameras, lighting, and sound equipment.

Post-Production: Video editing, color grading, motion graphics (if needed), and background music selection.

High-Resolution Video Delivery: Receive the final video in digital format, optimized for online platforms.

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