Nokia N73 – Perfection Personified


Photography has often been termed as the essence of life, for it captures the slices that life itself missed. In this age of quick solutions, firstly digital imaging and consequently, 24 hours mobile imaging became popular.

Nokia was one of the first mobile manufacturers to understand the changing trends and introduced VGA cameras in the initial models of mobile phones. As the younger generation got hooked to the convergence devices that perform better than the stand-alone pieces, the pressure was on to introduce better technology for mobile cameras.

The result was introduced to the world in the form of Nokia N-series mobile phones, which redefined elegance and technical superiority. And since then, we see one or the other model of high-end camera phones being launched in the market every other day.

But few handsets have captured the imagination of the general public as Nokia N73 has. This piece of sophisticated technology with vibrant user-friendly design has wowed millions of fans all across the globe with its superb 3.2 megapixel camera. Not only the feature-crazy technophile young crowd, but higher-end sophisticated business users have also found their perfect phone in the form of Nokia N73.

Features such as support for 3G or Quad-band EDGE/GSM networks ensure that N73 is compatible on all networks across the globe. The phone operates on S60 3rd Edition Software on Symbian OS. But most importantly, keeping in line with its photographic tradition, the phone provides support for photographs to be directly uploaded to a photo-sharing website Flickr and be shared amongst friends and family immediately!!

This and much more have resulted in an endless procession of happy owners of Nokia N73, who swear by it. Perfect for both a night out in town and that key boardroom war, N73 deserves all the accolades it receives.


Source by Adam Jaylin

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