New Art Technique – Bas Relief Painting

Art has been around in many forms for a long time now. Even ancient civilizations like Egyptians or Mayans use to practice arts in forms of rock sculpture or painting or even literature which dates back to 2100 B.C. Music has been around for quite some time also.

However one of the latest arts that has been born in the last century is Cinematography, the art of creating motion pictures, also knows as films, or more commonly, movies.

The “foundations” of an art is generally called talent. That’s right, not everyone is cut to be an artist of any kind, you just need to have that special something. It is very hard to learn how to become an artist without being born with the talent required. For example, when I was a little kid, in elementary school, I just couldn’t understand how other kids couldn’t draw a perfect circle when it all seemed so easy for me, so therefore, a talent must be recognized by other because in many cases an individual could have a particular talent without even knowing it.

I have been an artist, for what, 20 years now… I always liked to draw thing, and I did.. a lot. So I was getting better and better. After high school I even took art classes and started painting with oil on canvas. After that I just liked it so much, paintings were coming and going.

Several years ago, while I was at the countryside, just sitting and chilling in a cool summer evening, an idea suddenly came to my mind. I started thinking about the new 3D technology I saw back then at news, so I wondered how would that look like combined with paintings. So I did some research, and found about about bas relief sculptures. bas-relief actually means “low relief” represents the quality of a projected image where the overall depth is shallow and the background is compressed or completely flat.

After doing the research, I began testing methods to combine the bas-relief technique with a painting. My idea was to grant a wall painting the properties of bas-relief. First I tried using gypsum on a special canvas… but unfortunately the end result wasn’t what I expected. The weight of the modeled art was too big, so therefore I had to rethink it. After some time I had another great idea on what material to use and the final result was outstanding, five times less weight, it was perfect.

Soon after that, in a few months I made about 30 of these paintings and had an exhibition in the local museum. It all went so good all the people were impressed so I didn’t even wonder why at least half of them were sold in a couple of days.

Source by Florea Robert

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