My Favorite Hobby – Learn to Do Magic


All the time, people of all ages decided it is time to learn to do magic. Who wouldn’t think that learning magic is a great idea? Everyone loves to see a good magic trick. Many people are amused by things that they can’t figure out. It is a good challenge for them. Also, there is that certain sense of achievement that you get when you are able to completely fool everyone in the room. It is great when you completely trick everyone in the room and they are dying to see your trick just one more time so they can figure it out.

The internet has opened up endless amounts of ways to learn to do magic. Simply by visiting YouTube you are able to see and endless amount of magic tricks and tutorials on how to perform them. Sure, no great magician is just going to willingly give away all of their best tricks on a YouTube site, but still YouTube is a great place to learn some simple magic tricks. After you learn some of the more basic magic tricks, you can even put your own spin on it and make it different from the same tricks everyone has seen for years. YouTube also has videos of some of the best and most famous magicians in the world doing their best tricks. Sure, the best magicians in the world will not just dish out their most popular magic tricks, but you can watch them over and over until you are able to figure out exactly how they did it.

Another great way to learn how to do magic is by taking a simple trip to the public library. There are many books on magic. There are even biographies about some of the most famous magicians that you may or may not be too young to remember. I always enjoy reading a biography about magicians because of their often quirky personalities. If you have never seen or read anything about Henry Houdini, then a trip to the library can provide you with many hours of entertaining reading. Also, there are many books at the library that will teach you coin tricks and card tricks. Some people have trouble learning tricks by reading, opposed to watching videos, but the books contain very detailed instructions loaded with pictures of each step of the trick.

With the easy accessibility of information that will help you learn how to do magic, it is very simple to get started learning easy magic tricks. You can sit down and learn a few simple card tricks that will impress children and adults the same. All you need to do is open up a book or load up your internet browser. There is no replacement for the feeling that you get from the amazed look that a child gives you after you just stunned them with one of your magic tricks. I have already done a good bit of work in establishing myself as “the cool uncle” to my nephew with a few simple coin tricks.


Source by Kevin T Hope

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