Mastering the Art of Marketing


“The business man will never respect the professional who does not believe in what he does.” – Paul Rand

And, according to many who specialize in marketing, beliefs are the at the core of a brand. Knowing this means that it is vital for a brand to be believable in order to be successful.

One way to create a belief is to be consistent in everything you do. If you look at a superpower brand like McDonald’s you’ll find that everything they do, from the tiles on the floor to the music in the bathroom, is in-line with the brand and its beliefs.

By being consistent you’ll start to build a trust with your clients and customers. On top of that, they will also know what they are getting from you.

For example, at McDonald’s you know what their hamburgers are like because they are made the same way every time. There is no second guessing what the service will be like either.

Take a look at your marketing messages and business processes. Is everything in sync? If you were to purchase something from your company right now would you know what you’re getting? If your marketing is on spot you will know immediately what you’re getting.

In the book Sonic Branding by Paul Fulberg a question is asked during an interview with the author and a brand manager. The question was “If BMW were to build a table what would it look like?” It was quite obvious to both of them, carbon fiber and sleek curves. Of course BMW doesn’t build tables but because their marketing is so consistent you know what BMW is all about.

Have a look at your marketing messages and make sure it’s consistent with everything you do.


Source by C Jordan Stevens

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