Kindle – Better As a Noun Or a Verb? The Answer is Both As A Lady Hosts Eternal Flame on This Device


Long before the Bangles made the song “Eternal Flame” a megahit, people have devised numerous ways to construct a monument to their deceased love. The Taj Mahal in India is perhaps the most famous testament, an opulent, everlasting shrine to one’s significant other. People have planted trees, written poems, made charity donations, etc, in honor of their beloved’s passing. It was only a matter of time before Kindle became the 21st Century vehicle for burning the eternal flame, which is entirely appropriate, since the definition of “Kindle” means to ignite, or illuminate.

Veronica Grey is the lady utilizing Kindle as both a noun and a verb. She is also the first person known to do so.

After graduating from UCLA in the late 90s, Veronica reluctantly left her beloved, Zachery Noah Kunzler, to go on the traditional backpacking tour through Europe. What was supposed to last only three months wound up being 20 months, and by the time Veronica returned to California, Zack’s number had changed.

Life went on as Veronica got involved in meaningful relationships, but Zach never left her thoughts, especially “in between boyfriends.” On and off for 11 years, Veronica did online searches and paid the usual fees to locate him. She could not believe there was no trace – how is it possible in this day and age for Zack to have never taken out a credit card or even paid a utility bill?

What bothered her the most is that even though she could not find him, why had he never looked for her? Did she not impact his life as he did hers? She considered Zack, after weathering other significant relationships,to be her one true love. And unlike Zachery, Veronica is locatable online, being a public figure.

She resigned to allow fate to reunite her and Zachery – attributing the attitude change to the zenlike slogan from the 1990s hit song written by Kurt Cobain, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’:

‘I’m worst at what I do best and for this Gift I feel Blessed I find it hard So hard to find Oh well Whatever Never Mind.” Kurt’s lyrics helped Veronica survive through what many would term, “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

Like so many people today, Veronica became a new fan of the band Nirvana, whose music remains relevant 15 years after their charismatic lead singer’s passing.

11 whole years of Veronica fantasizing on and off what her reunion with Zack might be like somehow passed before Veronica learned the awful truth, from an Attorney, her good friend Scott Silberman, practicing in Orange County. It was up to Scott to break the heart wrenching news to Veronica: Zack had died way back in 1998, while saving the life of a drowning 6 year old girl in Laguna Niguel.

Veronica went through the range of emotions from shock, to acceptance, and grief: her one true love died a hero at the tender age of only 24. Less than three weeks after Veronica learned of Zackery’s noble Sacrifice, she made a pilgrimage to where he drowned in Giggle Crack, off Diver’s Cove, on 2/17/09. It was then that the novelist Veronica decided to publish the only short story she will ever write, and make it available on Kindle starting 3/19/09, what would have been Zack’s birthday.

The short story is a one-off departure from her novels which range up to 626 pages in length and is also the only one she will ever write using her real name; she normally utilizes the pseudonym Fysche, whose first ever fan letter came from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

“The Giggle Crack: an all-too-short Love Story of a Life ExtraOrdinary” is only 14 pages long with haunting photographs of the drowning site. Since it is a labor of love, it is priced Low at $3.19 for the download, in honor of Zack’s birth date.

The Kindle format is similar to compatibility with mobile phones; the eBook version can be e-mailed to yourself then read on your mobile phone. Every photograph in “The Giggle Crack” was taken by Veronica on her phone, and she is not a professional photographer by any means. She is also retiring from being a novelist, and putting the “Fysche” identity to rest, claiming that after 10 books, she has “nothing left to say” and “The Giggle Crack” is her swan song.


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