Is Adversity Making You Stronger?


A Quick Preamble:

Yep, “been there, done that” as well… in fact, nothing and nobody born, created or grown, on this planet, from the very beginning of time, has ever avoided the very natural and absolute constant that we know as “Adversity”… the very stuff of life that will, on regular occasion, throughout your whole lifetime, challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually…

… and quite often all three of these areas at once, which will either ‘make’ you or ‘break’ you… and If you come to terms with the inevitability of adversity in your life and the choice that it ultimately forces you to make, then surely you would only choose for it to ‘make’ you… right..?!

This well known phrase – which I often found quite irksome as a much younger, much more impatient person, I eventually found to be the perfect definition of our old friend (enemy for some) “Adversity”:

“What Doesn’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger”

Cutting To The Chase:

The fuller, dictionary written definition, expressed as a “noun, is more like this:

“an adverse or unfavourable fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress… “

Or… “an adverse or unfortunate event or circumstance… “

Typical examples may be: a tragic death in the family or of a friend, your divorce, a motor accident, a serious or even minor illness, suffering a physical or mental disability, losing your job, failing an exam, overcooking (burning) the family meal, under-cooking the family meal, suffering a paper-cut, suffering a sunburnt nose (happens to me often), listening to the constant bark of a neighbours dog, etc. etc. etc… !

All adversities, all your challenges, big or small, health-threatening or not, are all contributors to the character type that you eventually become, and if you want to be the truly happy and successful type, then here are a few tricks you should learn, so as to ensure that your moments of adversity “Will Only Make You Stronger”…

All 5 of the following tips when used together (as I do), are a potent way of dealing with adversity so as to ensure you stay on your chosen road and achieve your goals for success…

There’s An End To Every Adversity…

Whether it’s a silly minor thing, a mildly uncomfortable situation or a heart-rending, never-to-be-forgotten moment of your life… all moments of adversity, all lifes’ challenges come to an end… there is nothing that you cannot overcome with time, perseverance and positivity.

Although you may never forget it, you can get past it and learn from it… adversities are your teachers whilst on the way to bigger and better things – while you push on toward your life desires.

Go With Your Gut…

Stop listening to others and start listening to your inner-self… always trust your gut-feeling… you’ll be amazed by how often that intuitive, but persistent, “inner-voice” is on-the-money – it’s a very efficient weapon for fighting against the wrong decisions for you and your chosen road ahead.

Others “opinions” in your moments of adversity while possibly well-intended, don’t always gel with how YOU feel you should handle the situation.

Your Goals – Not Your Gaols…

The word “Gaol” is actually a very old, now mostly unused, ‘Middle English’ word meaning prison… !

So what I’m saying here is quite simple… focus on your planned goals, not on the tough times you’re going through – that’s like choosing to stay in your grubby, tiny, prison cell even though the door is unlocked and your way out is clear..!

Focus hard on the good that’s left… trust me when I tell you, from my own many experiences, there is always good to come out of ANY adversity and staying in the prison of that tough moment of adversity and dwelling on the negatives will NOT help you.

Laugh Whenever and Wherever…

Time is a great healer, but laughter is more often than not, the very BEST medicine for the trauma of emotional pain.

Find reason to laugh (or at least smile) at something, at least once every day… there’s always something to read in a magazine or something to watch – on TV or live somewhere and in our modern technological age there’s also plenty you can check out on the net.

YouTube is a wonderful source of films and short comedy sketches but there are a million other places where you can go to read or watch something that lightens your mood and keeps you in that all-important positive mindset.

From a personal point of view, any good old-fashioned slapstick gets me rolling on the floor in tears in no time at all and I especially find anything from Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplain particularly hilarious…

A Final Anecdote:

You’re never on your own when faced with life’s adversities… everybody, and I mean everybody, has to face them as they go through life – but you don’t have to let any of them bring you to your knees and keep you there.

You can get through and get past any adversity if you understand that it’s just another moment in time and another of one of life’s “tests”… learn to laugh, learn to cope, learn from life’s harsh lessons and you’ll ultimately become stronger and go on to be the success that you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

* * *

Here’s an excellent, on-topic poem from L.E. Thayer called “For Every Hill I’ve Had To Climb” – perfect…

For every hill I’ve had to climb,

For every stone that bruised my feet,

For all the blood and sweat and grime,

For blinding storms and burning heat

My heart sings but a grateful song-

These were the things that made me strong!

For all the heartaches and the tears,

For all the anguish and the pain,

For gloomy days and fruitless years,

And for the hopes that lived in vain,

I do give thanks, for now I know

These were the things that helped me grow!

‘Tis not the softer things of life

Which stimulate man’s will to strive;

But bleak adversity and strife

Do most to keep man’s will alive.

O’er rose-strewn paths the weaklings creep,

But brave hearts dare to climb the steep.

* * *


Source by Peter Kirwan

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