How To Use YouTube To Make Money!


When I first found out about affiliate marketing and discovered ClickBank, I got very excited about all the products on there promising me millions of dollars. I think I must have bought about fifty products in the first month alone, and it took me a while before I could admit to myself non of them were working. I was just about to give up and go back to school when I discovered Profit Monarch, a software product that uses YouTube to make money.

At first I felt screwed again because as soon as I paid for it and took a look at the software it seemed cheap and ugly. And of course it didn’t make me as much money as they promised in the video, but for the first time after all those no good products I got a few sales. Back then I didn’t know a thing about video marketing, but now, three years and a lot more knowledge later I make a lot of money with it. And I’ll share it with you now so you can use YouTube to make money today!

The easiest way to make money with Profit Monarch is to promote ClickBank products on YouTube. I pick a product that has a good conversion rate, and I usually try it out myself first (as I’ve mentioned before, ClickBank offers a lot of garbage). On ClickBank you can search products based on their popularity or gravity so it should be easy to find a good selling product. Then I use the Profit Monarch software to create 100 to 1000 videos and upload the videos to YouTube and other Video sharing sites. This way you can put out a lot of video advertising for the product and get traffic just because of the quantity of videos.

The software tutorial tells you how to make the videos and how to upload them, I found that making less fast cheap videos, but more videos of better quality made me more money. And most importantly, do a little keyword research. If you upload a video named “make money” you get no visitors because the competition is too big. If you were to name the video “make money with YouTube” there is a much bigger chance you get some visitors to your video. Use the software included in the Profit Monarch package to give your videos the right name and keywords.

I still make a lot of money doing this, every morning I spent an hour uploading videos with this software. But for the big money you need to use it as a link building tool. Websites and blogs need links from other sites or videos to get them ranking higher in the search engines. For every post I put on one of my blogs I spend a few hours building back-links to it. In my blog I’ll show you step-by-step how to make money from blogging so don’t worry you will soon learn how to use Profit Monarch as a link building tool.


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