How To Sell a Movie Script – Volunteering at an Industry Event


Want to know how to sell a movie script? If you live in New York or Los Angeles, one thing that you can definitely start doing to learn how to sell a movie script is attempting to volunteer at any number of industry functions that are going on in your respective city. There are several types of non-film set related functions where celebrities are often required to be, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Screenwriting conferences (these might be a little bit harder to volunteer at because they are smaller events, but it is still worth it to make an inquiry, especially in terms of learning how to sell a movie script).

2. Political fundraisers – there is a long-standing history between the entertainment industry and politics (mostly of a Democratic nature), and as a result, celebrities tend to do a lot of political fundraising, so again, this is a great way to volunteer and meet people.

3. Film festivals – when your author was in film school, he was required to volunteer at the state film festival to complete one of his courses, and it was a highly rewarding experience. You get to meet a lot of interesting people, and if you’re lucky, see a bunch of good movies for free – what more could an aspiring artist ask for?

4. Industry fundraisers – just like any other industry, film has its own fundraisers, often involving historical preservation of some sort (Martin Scorsese is very, very into this) of silent films or something of the like. This is a great way to meet prominent directors, as many of them feel very strongly about this subject (as well they should!)

5. Charity events – let’s be honest here for a moment – if there’s one thing that very wealthy celebrities love to do, it’s to throw their money around for charity events and show off how much they “care” about whatever the “cause celebre” issue is at that moment in time. These events are very large in scale and often need volunteers to help staff them, so this is a great place to start to learn how to sell a movie script.

It is important that if you are chosen to help staff one of these events, you keep in mind to not be overly pushy regarding your own personal agenda of learning how to sell a movie script. If you come off as someone who is only working the event so that you can get someone to read your script and further your own career, people will be able to tell that from a mile away and not want anything to do with you. Professionalism is absolutely key in these kinds of situations.


Source by John Halas

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