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It’s Shaun from Digital Life Concepts and today we are going show you
Ibourl Link Masking.



So let’s jump into it.  you need to create your account at IBO URL Toolbox and Login. If you don’t have an account yet, you can set one up HERE.  Don’t worry, it’s free.

Ibourl is like the Facebook for business, so the standard account is free.

Over here on the control panel we’re gonna go into the link where it says Ibourl Links. I’m gonna go ahead and create some new ones here to
simply use your affiliate link and mask it.

I’m going to the area in the top right here that says create new Ibo URL.
And you click on that. The friendly name is just for reference.

It’s your reference for the link you are using, the link you want to mask , I’m gonna make a quick one for another website so I’m
just gonna call it something simple and easy because that’s the for the website that will remind me afterward.

I’m gonna go ahead and put in the link I want to mask in the website link area, this will be your Affiliate Link or just any really long link that looks ugly.  Page title is whereveryou want it to show at the top of the page in the tab. Since I am putting in the link for my website it will look a bit different, but the process is the same.

Now I enter some comma separated
keywords, such as~ Income, Marketing,Business, and so on…with a comma after every keyword.

Next is the ” Show Menu Bar ” Checkbox! THIS IS THE PART THAT ALLOWS YOU TO MASK THE LINK!

If you want to share a link that is “forbidden” in Facebook, then you need to leave
this checked!

There are some more options such as “Auto Show” and then of course there’s extra things that you can have appear, But I’m going to leave
it blank since I just want the short link and mask.

Now you can scroll through your list to find the new link you just made, they
are alphabetically listed.  Scroll, down here to the new link, Look for the ” Friendly Name” and you will see that
IboURL has created the new short link.

It’s not very pretty, just a set of numbers, so I want to add an alias.  Click at add new alias  and a change that funky little number link and make it
something a little more cool. You can use most anything, ” joinus ” or ” goteamrhino ” it’s just has to be all one word, no spaces. If it says that name is taken, just keep trying different variations of what you want.

I’ll just name this one” deals”  and hit save. Now you can add multiple aliases to the same link if you like.  but since Ibourl also tracks the number of clicks that each link gets, i learned that it’s IMHO to just make a new separate link so your can keep track of which are working the best. Alright, now you know how to create and add rename your link, so save it! lol. I like to make a list of these in a document on my desktop for quick reference.

That’s the at the basic idea and now you can go ahead, right-click, copy the link address and
post that where ever you would like and that’s It!

Thanks for watching
This simple short video how to mask your
affiliate links with IBOtoolbox. I hope this video helped.

Until, Next time, take care
and have great day!


This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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