How To Make Money From Your Film Knowledge


Obviously the best way to make money from film is have your story bought by a Hollywood producer, or just any producer. But until that happens, what can you do? Well, quite a lot as it turns out.

Well, you can create recorded adverts for local businesses, to be shown at small film nights or public screens in squares or shopping malls. You create film installations which run alongside someone else’s art exhibit. It may be even possible to create DVDs from your small movies and sell them. You might be able to start a production company.

It may be possible to hire out your equipment, or even the special effects you use. You could teach film at adult education or for a local business for a couple of weeks or for a one day course. One to one tuition may also be possible. People may even want your skills for a stag event.

You could film events, such as weddings, graduations and christenings. Maybe you could be the go to guy or girl when a theatre, school or college wants to record shows, concerts or even rehearsals. You could employ yourselves to advise others creating films of these events.

You can use your knowledge to create a film magazine, film books or e-books. You can host small film nights, movie quiz nights or a quiz night which involves small films. You can create movie quiz apps or games involving movies-being wary of copyright of course.

You could submit articles to a local newspaper which could be how to guides or they could be film reviews, you could run a classic film club (inside, in a cinema or village hall, outside in a park or amphitheatre). You could run a website based on your favourite movie star, a directory of film services or designed to show other people’s short films, a mini You Tube. Maybe you want to create a website based on the Hollywood lifestyle itself-either now or in the past.

You can create expos of particular subjects or movies. You could run a film auction- selling autographs, photographs, postcards and old film equipment. You could sell film related items from a shop or market stall. You could repair video cameras, turn videos or cine film into DVDs. You could dress windows in the style of particular movies. You could create spoof photos of a particular movies for clients.

I hope there is something on the list you can use.


Source by Paul Wimsett

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