How to Make a Professional Logo

without breaking the bank?


Branding your business with a memorable logo is a given if you aspire to success. Images that stay in someone’s mind as an easy way for customers to remember your service or products.


A great example below.









Most people on the web can recognize every one of the icons above. In my case, I found that this helps me save room in my bookmarks bar. ( Simply select edit and delete the name but not the link and only the icon will show) Cool huh?




But where do you start building a logo? Graphic designers can help if you can afford their time. Or perhaps you already have an idea of what you want.

I’ll just skip to the chase.


Building a logo is no longer an issue.

Being able to pick only one might be.


Or create your own



And the best part…


It starts out as free and moves up to a totally affordable fee for the upgraded version, depending on your needs.

No Monthly Fees!

Only buy what You need!

Save time by customizing a premade design!

I would like to thank Candy Zhao for bringing this great resource to my attention and the staff at DesignEvo for their interest in letting us share it. Thanks, guys.


Until next time,

Shaun Bennett

Digital Life Concepts