How to Gain A Lot of Fans Without Changing Your Sound


Are you ready for a business secret? As an entrepreneur myself let me tell you what your #1 priority as an artist should be! Your #1 priority as an artist should be PROFITABILITY! Not fame, not respect, and not females. The only way to be able to make your best music and to keep doing it is to have a decent amount of revenue coming in to cover your expenses as an artist (artwork, studio, beats etc… ) and to have some left over for your personal life.

A lot of artists do not understand this and look to chase fame with YouTube views, Instagram videos etc.. instead of finding what makes them money. As we all know there are an unlimited amount of ways for artists to make money (shows, advertising, selling music and merch etc… ) Bottom line is that the average artist chases fame and not revenue which is why most fail.

With that being said there is no need to change your sound just to appease everyone. Chasing superstar fame is a dead end. That will happen naturally. You should be chasing revenue so you can re-invest your money into your music brand and grow. The fame will come as a side effect. You do not have to change your sound to gain more fans. Instead you should stay true to your own sound and try to find fans that like what you do! So once again instead of wasting time trying to push your music on everybody, push it to the people who dig your sound. This will make you stand out. You do this by strategic marketing to your specific demographic.

For example, take my beats. Rather then switch my style up and try to get every artist to listen to my beats, I only cater to the ones interested in my sound. Just like I found you… You need to find your fans. If you like your sound then there are other people who like your sound as well! It is your job to find them through marketing. Once you find like minded fans then you keep hitting them with material, marketing, music etc…

By staying true to your original fans and marketing to new ones who like your sound already you will win. As an artist it is always best to start locally within your city and state. It is not hard to find fans who will like your music. People are looking for new music ALL THE TIME. Music is a High Consumption Product. All it takes is $50-$100 in Facebook ads or Instagram ads in your city with a high quality video and also social media presence and then you are in it. So what are you waiting for? The world is at your fingertips, real talk.


Source by Tyree Terrell

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