How to fix Playstation 3 (PS3) Windows Media Player Not Refreshing Issue.

PS3 Windows 7 fix


Disclaimer: This worked on my PC in the last hour, if it bricks your stuff, it’s your own fault and you know it. Enjoy ūüôā

This issue just happened to me the other day.  The Windows Media Server ( Windows Media Player 12) on my PC connects to my Playstation 3,  add movies to my windows media player folder, some magic happens and I can watch them on my Playstation 3. Awesome!

I went and cleaned out some older files and added some new one and was all excited to kick back and watch some new movies on my PS3, but when I refreshed the media server on the Playstation, nothing happened. The old moves were still there and the new ones had not loaded. I reset the Playstation media server settings a dozen times and made sure the I had all my settings correct in the folders on my PC.  Still Nothing!

So today after some more trial and error with the Playstation and Windows Media Player and an exhaustive search on google, I found that, in this case, Windows Media Player 12 had not been updating! AHHHHH!

“I had been so concerned with the Playstation and Windows Media Player talking with each other and that I had the right permissions, I didn’t even look in Windows Media Player to see if the movies I added to the folder had updated in the player…they hadn’t ¬†ūüôĀ “

Now I thought this should be an easy fix, just tell Windows Media Player to go update itself and all would be right with the world. It wasn’t so easy. Aside from sending about a hour trying to figure out how to ” Refresh” the player to no avail and deciding the just reinstalling Windows Media Player would be the best way to fix this, it turns out that downloading…re-downloading windows media player is more difficult than I thought.

Since Microsoft included Windows Media Player 12 with Windows 7 ( most versions) it was not readily available for download on Microsoft Downloads website. I saw several other places to get it, but they looked a bit dodgy. But, in a forum I found hope where I least expected it… Microsoft support¬†. Go figure Even more surprising was that the help was not the answers in the forum, although there was some great info there ( I left the link in case it be helpful to you).

The FIX :

You can watch it here on Youtube-

In one of the generic replies you see was a link to the ”¬†You cannot view, add, or delete items in the library in Windows Media Player 11¬†–¬†The steps are also applicable for Windows Media Player 12.

A frigging Help File! Are you fing kidding me! But in my desperation I clicked on it and as it opens it brought up a Pop-up on the screen. I know, I thought the same thing and clicked off. Lucky for me I happened to read it just before it winked out of existence.

Microsoft¬ģ Fix it¬†


I thought this has to be a scam or an ad or something. I clicked on it and read (skimmed) the terms to see who it was from. Microsoft. Okay, what the hell.  I download the little bugger and scanned it twice with avast, it scanned clean and certificate says from Microsoft. I was really desperate and as such I ran it. It spent about 2 mins checking my version of Windows Media Player 12 and fixed everything. I selected the option to have it tell me what it was doing BEFORE it did it.

Apparently, my media player was all jacked up and this little program got it straightened out quick! No Adware or spy-stuff… it just fixed my windows media player. once it was done, I restarted WMP and hit F3 to refresh and all the new data flowed like honey, very sweet.

So if you are having the same trouble I was, give this a try, let me know how it worked and pass it around.

Best of luck and happy gaming!



 Update 10/1/2015

I have updated the link to the FitIt software on the microsoft site. The old one seems to have moved. This just fixed the same issue again with windows medida player and I hope it helps you out also-


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